Teaching Material
Below you will find syllabi, lecture notes and essay questions from various courses I taught at the Universities of Bristol and Duesseldorf.

Topics in the Philosophy of Science (introductory)
Philosophy of Science (intermediate)
Scientific Realism
The Theory-Ladenness of Observation
The Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence
Philosophy of Logic
Structural Realism

Topics in the Philosophy of Science (Bristol):
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Lecture 1 - Observation and Theory
Lecture 2 - Natural Kinds
Lecture 3 - Laws of Nature I
Lecture 4 - Laws of Nature II
Lecture 5 - Scientific Explanation I
Lecture 6 - Scientific Explanation II
Lecture 7 - Inference to the Best Explanation
Lecture 8 - Scientific Revolutions I
Lecture 9 - Scientific Revolutions II
Lecture 10 - Scientific Revolutions III

Philosophy of Science (Bristol):
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Lecture 1 - Reductionism
Lecture 2 - Anti-Reductionism
Lecture 3 - Unity of Science
Lecture 4 - Disunity of Science
Lecture 5 - Introduction to Probability
Lecture 6 - Interpretations of Probability
Lecture 7 - Confirmation
Lecture 8 - Bayesianism
Lecture 9 - Is Medicine a Science?
Lecture 10 - The Concepts of Medicine
Lecture 11 - Medicine and Revolutions
Lecture 12 - Evidence in Medicine

Epistemology (Bristol):
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Lecture 1 - What is Epistemology? and The Nature of Justification
Lecture 2 - Defining Knowledge I: Inference and Defeaters
Lecture 3 - Defining Knowledge II: Causes and Reliability
Lecture 4 - Defining Knoweldge III: Tracking the Truth
Lecture 5 - Internalism vs. Externalism
Lecture 6 - Rejecting the Counterexamples
Lecture 7 - Naturalized Epistemology
Lecture 8 - Scepticism
Lecture 9 - Contextualism
Lecture 10 - Intuitions and their Role in Defining Knowledge

Scientific Realism (Duesseldorf):
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The Theory-Ladenness of Observation (Duesseldorf):
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The Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence(Duesseldorf):
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Philosophy of Logic(Duesseldorf):
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Structural Realism(Duesseldorf):
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